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How two music majors ended up raising children teaching English, and discipling children and youth in Thailand

Dora and Chris moved to Thailand in 2010 under the incredible leadership of TMS Global to serve God and bless the youth of Thailand because we sensed that God’s leading and His provision for our lives! We had prepared our hearts for this big step, but it was no less difficult leaving our families, best friends, and our music teaching jobs to step into the unknown. (In fact, it was quite terrifying!)  But, the amazing thing is, that when God is calling you to something, He brings the peace that you cannot create on your own!  Since being here, we have been blessed with four wonderful children, Natalie (10 years-March 13, 2011), Foster (almost 9-October 28, 2012), John (7-August 29, 2014), and Lanaia (1 year December 14, 2020). After seven years of waiting, John’s adoption has finally cleared on the Thai government side, so we are grateful to be able to spend some long-overdue time in the States, connecting with family, and friends, and recharging!  

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